Strategic planning


Al Will & Associates works with small and mid-sized non-profit organizations to help them create their own realistic and attainable strategic plans.

Al Will as an association manager with over 35 years of experience has participated in uncounted strategic plans, from big to small, from inexpensive to very expensive, from quick to longer term, yet most were very successful.


Al Will & Associates knows the importance of 1-3-5 year plans. We also know the hesitation of many volunteers in non-profit organizations to invest their scarce dollars and valuable time in making a huge investment in strategic planning.


In non-profit organizations with annual operating budgets of $5M or less, Al Will has created a format involving 1-day of your staff as staff & volunteers together.

Al will budget 1.5 days preparing for the session with key informant interviews, plus a half day follow-up in drafting & submitting your plan