Retirement Planning


We are currently accepting workshop bookings for 2009.  Below is a brief overview of the Workshops available.

Financial Planning – “Stretching your Paycheque” (Full-Day Workshop)

** Targeted at <40 yrs.; Spouses/Partners welcome.

  1. How do I make limited dollars go further?

  2. Managing Credit

  3. Do I contribute to my RRSP, or pay down my mortgage?

  4. Cohabiting without a pre-living agreement.


Retirement Planning – “Nearing Retirement” (Full-Day Workshop)

  1. Do I Want to retire?

  2. Retirement expectations, dangers, and opportunities.

  3. What are my retirement expectations?

  4. Can I afford to retire? Assessing your financial needs in retirement.

  5. The challenge of aging.

  6. Estate Planning.

We can plan our sessions around your normal weekday hours, and our workshop agendas are flexible so that we can better meet the needs of the participants.  We have experience presenting to HOOP and OMARS employees, and include a section on the role of your pension in both the Financial Planning and Retirement Planning Workshop. We are Adult Educators – we do not sell anything.

For fee information or to book a workshop:

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help prepare your employees for a successful retirement.