Governance & Training


Al Will has extensive experience as a workshop facilitator covering any and all of the following topics and can arrange a training session for your Board and organization or in the case of National or Provincial Organizations can facilitate a workshop for your local or regional affiliates.


If your association has any issues in regards to effective governance Al Will is available to assist on an organization review of your governance including but not limited to:

◦By-law review

◦Policy Review

◦Roles clarity for staff and volunteers

◦Reporting structure

◦Board policies and restrictions and limitations of staff roles

one-on-one association analysis & Assistance


  1. Board/Staff Relationships

  2. Who is running the organization anyway?

  3. Effective use of volunteers

  4. Recruitment

  5. Supervision

  6. Retention

  7. Recognition

  8. Effective meetings

  9. How to chair an effective meeting

  10. Effective (timed) agendas

  11. Getting input from all – once!

  12. Analysis or Board Effectiveness

  13. Volunteers – 2 Hats – Policy & Hands-on, separating two roles

  14. Succession planning for